About Us

A few words about us

The Arts In Medicine was founded on a vision to promote the arts and humanism within the field of medicine.  We believe in utilizing the arts as a means of reaching out and educating the community at large.  It is our hope that through involving future doctors in the art, humanism and education, we can foster the development of medical professionals with a broader global understanding and a higher level of sensitivity.

The Arts In Medicine strives to break through cultural boundaries via our multicultural presentations including Indian and classical European dance, costume, music along with modern pop.  The international perspective that is gained by not only our medical students participating, but also by the interactions with the community and faculty, build a forum in which individuals from many various life paradigms can come together.
Our organization speaks by way of the universal languages of art (movement, visual, audio), science and humanism; languages that need no interpretations.   As we expand our minds by way of expressing emotion and the human experience, we can practice the art of compassion.

Arts In Medicine Board and Staff:

Dr. Suleiman : Board of Directors, Head of International Affairs

  • A world class educator, with over 15 years of experience teaching medical students throughout the globe.   His unique clinical surgical background makes him a specialist and qualified expert in explaining clinical cases and tying it together with the basic sciences.  Dr. Suleiman has taught at a variety of medical schools in Canada and the EU as full time faculty giving him a global medical perspective.Dr. Suleiman listens to his students and their needs; he has adapted and perfected his style over years of teaching thousands of students.   Prof. Suleiman makes each experience individualized, tailoring to each class and student.  His philosophy of improvisational teaching, allows him to have spontaneity and to integrate the most up to date information into his classes.  This flexible style gives Dr. Suleiman the freedom to be expressive and to continue to be a student himself as well; learning from every experience.  His success is evident in the countless number of students who have emerged from his USMLE review courses with a renewed sense of confidence.  Dr. Suleiman’s true mastery of the subject and ease with which he speaks the language is an inspiration to students.  There is no substitution for having a practicing doctor as your teacher, Dr. Suleiman has truly made it a point to bring his vast clinical knowledge to his students.
  • Arts In Medicine is proud to have Dr. Suleiman as an honorary member of our board!  His vast clinical knowledge and experience acts as a wealth of resources to our students.  Dr Suleiman is available for guest lecturing and teaching in Atlanta and New York.

Kitty Victoria: Founder and President

  • A third year medical student at KMCIC/AUA, Kitty has a passion for medicine that is evident in her commitment to teaching and mentoring her fellow medical students.  Being formerly trained from a young age in classical dance, piano, opera and sculpture; Kitty has always been an advocate of humanism in utilizing the arts to reach out to others via a plethora of artistic mediums.  After graduating from North Carolina School of the Arts as a double major in piano and vocal performance, she attended and performed at the Chautauqua summer music festival, the Aspen summer music festival, Lincoln Center’s Amal and the Night Visitors and Lincoln Center’s production of Mozart’s Requiem.  President Victoria was awarded a full scholarship to the Hart school of music as an opera performance major and studied under Nancy Anderson; performing in various weekly masterclasses and performance hours for fellow students and faculty.
  • During her time at Hart school, Kitty became an active organizer and leader of many student-run and internationally recognized activist organizations.  A short list of events include: “Worker’s Rights for Unions”- rally and campaign, “Just Don’t Do It”- a demand for better wages, “The Campaign To Free Mumia”- events and rally, “Recycle”- school-wide petition and conference with the school president, “The Truth about the FTAA!” – rally and forums discussing fair trade, “No to the SOA,” “Rainforest Action Group” – volunteer at activist training camp, “Biofest, educating the public about GE foods” – head organizer for Greenpeace and Ruckus, “Food not Bombs” – serving America’s homeless, “Habitat for Humanity” – volunteer to build houses for underprivileged families, “South American Workers Rights” – union organizer for fair wages and much more……  When her involvement in the activist community became too great to continue as a music student, Kitty left Hart school of music to be a full time warrior of social justice.  It was not until deciding to train as a medic for injured protesters, that she first realized how her role as a doctor could have such an impact on others’ lives and the community.  Kitty saw that she had a unique gift to calm others around her in high stress situations, to put people’s minds at ease while keeping focused on her obligation to the sick and injured.
  • Pres. Victoria’s realization lead her back to school to finish her bachelor of arts in psychology along with her pre-medical curriculum; graduating as one of the first in her class Magna Cum Lad with a 3.95 GPA from the University of Las Vegas.  The next phase of Kitty’s education took her to India, having always been drawn to India’s long tradition of peace, social justice and its’ integration of humanism with the sciences as well as the teachings of Gandhi and the Buddha, Pres. Victoria went to study medicine at the KMC International Center in Manipal.  While a student of medicine in India, Kitty was much loved and respected by all of her teachers and students alike.  She was awarded valedictorian of her class, with a 4.0 GPA in basic sciences as well as highest marks in Gross Anatomy and Embryology, Cell Biology and Histology, Introduction to Clinical Medicine, Biochemistry and Genetics, Microbiology and Immunology, Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Pathology as well as voted the “Most Talented Student” by her class.  Since returning to the United States, Kitty received the top grade in her fifth semester at AUA and inspired by her mentor Dr. Suleiman, was able to score a USMLE Step 1 score of 269.
  • As of late, Pres. Victoria has become a dedicated educator at USMLE Masterclass in hopes to give her fellow students insight into how to study and how to learn so that they may have the chance to fulfill their dreams and achieve high enough scores to qualify them for good residency programs in their fields of interest.
  • Pres. Kitty Victoria donates all of the proceeds of her teaching with USMLE Masterclass to The Arts In Medicine: an organization dedicated to bringing together the arts, medicine and the community to foster new ideas in education, inspiring underprivileged young people to pursue futures in science and medicine.  Founder Victoria started the organization in the belief that our future physicians, in learning to communicate and educate through artwork, will encourage humanism and ethics in medicine.  Kitty’s long history in the arts, gives her a unique insight that she hopes to share with her fellow medical students.



Dr. Tula Giannini: Board of Directors

  • Tula Giannini, Dean and tenured Professor at Pratt Institute, School of Information and Library Science, holds a PhD in historical musicology from Bryn Mawr College, an MLS from Rutgers University, and a BM and MM from the Manhattan School of Music. Before coming to Pratt in 1998, she was Assistant Professor at Catholic University for five years heading programs in archives and special collections. She has also served on the faculty of Rutgers University and the University of Hawaii. Other positions that she has held include Curator of Musical Instruments at the Library of Congress, Director of the Talbott Library, Westminster Choir College, and Head, Collection Management at Adelphi University.

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